Regulated and globally recognized forex broker

  • Regulated and globally recognized forex broker.
  • The low entry threshold for starting trading is $1 for cent and standard accounts and $50 for ECNs.
  • Tight spreads on all account types and average commissions per lot on ECN accounts in the brokerage market.
  • An account with the broker cannot be opened by traders from several countries, including the United States, Great Britain, and Canada.



AximTrade is a relatively new forex and CFD broker on the market. The broker began operations in 2019, although the company was established in 2010. It seems that AximTrade has not yet caught up with the Vietnamese forex market, so the broker appears to be very lackluster, making many investors feel unfamiliar with this name. However, we still decided to include this broker in the list of reviews about brokers because if AximTrade is truly a reputable broker with good trading conditions, traders will not miss a good forex broker. On the contrary, traders may be cautious to stay away from this broker.

General information and license of Aximtrade

Like any previous exchange reviews, before delving into in-depth aspects of the exchange, will look into general information and overview of Aximtrade.

Aximtrade is a relatively new name in the market. The exchange was founded in 2019 and is owned by Thara Heights Owner’s group, an international business group registered in the Virgin Islands, United Kingdom.

Regarding credibility, the exchange has been licensed and monitored by the St. Vincent and Grenadines Financial Services Authority (FSA). While not yet reaching the highest level of credibility on the market like FCA, CySEC, etc., FSA is still highly regarded, so for an exchange with only nearly 3 years of experience like Aximtrade, such credibility level is acceptabl

AximTrade is a broker with the most limited product portfolio in the market. While some traders who only focus on forex and gold may find this sufficient, their numbers are quite small. Currently, the majority of investors are very interested in high-end financial assets such as stocks, ETF funds, and derivative products such as futures contracts, options, and futures options.

Trading Account

AximTrade offers its clients 3 types of trading accounts: Cent accounts, Standard accounts and ECN accounts.
  • Cent account: A special type of account designed for new traders with limited capital, providing them with the opportunity to trade on the real market with small trading volumes (micro lots). In addition, traders also have the chance to experience the psychological factor when trading, which is much better than using a demo account.
  • Standard account: Translated to English: This is the standard account type of the exchange. This account is suitable for both new and experienced traders.
  • ECN account: With the advantages of low commission fees and low spread differential, ECN is the best type of account that most traders want to choose. In addition, ECN differs from Standard accounts in terms of order execution speed and pricing method.

In general, ECN accounts require a large deposit, starting from $200 or more. However, at AximTrade, investors only need $50 to register for this type of account.

Compare some trading conditions on 3 types of accounts

Trading conditionsCent accountStandard accountECN account
Minimum deposit amount1$1$50$
Spread (forex) 1 pip1 pip0.1 pips
Maximum leverage ratio (forex)1:20001:30001:1000
CommissionNoNo3$/lot/per side
Contract size (forex)1 lot = 1,0001 lot = 100,0001 lot = 100,000
Minimum order volume (forex)0.01 lots0.01 lots0.01 lots
Maximum order volume (forex)150 lots50 lots50 lots

Maximum number of open/pending orders
Margin call/Stop out60%/30%60%/30%60%/30%

Trading platform

The MT4 software is the only trading platform provided by AximTrade. However, with MT4, traders can execute trades ranging from basic to advanced and utilize related forex investment services developed by MetaQuotes, the company behind this software.

MT4 has a simple and user-friendly interface. The trading support features are all displayed on the toolbars, this software is also easy to use by a comple Outstanding features on MT4 software:

  • Offers 3 price chart types (line, bar and candlestick) and 9 timeframes, from 1 minute to 1 month.
  • Nearly 50 technical indicators and drawing tools support chart analysis.
  • Allows the use of automated trading robots EAs and the ability to backtest strategies.
  • Support programming language to create Scripts (hotkeys help execute orders and trade operations faster, for example, a trader can create a hotkey that closes all orders at once. without having to close each order separately), the indicators and EAs according to the investor’s own strategy.
  • Get access to forex trading-related services and tools (free or premium) on  com, a platform developed by MetaQuotes.
  • Provide daily economic and financial news directly on the software in real time.

Investors can use the MT4 platform by installing the software on their computer and mobile applications (iOS, Android)

Leverage, commissions and spreads


The leverage ratio at AximTrade is differentiated for each type of trading account. The highest maximum leverage ratio is 1:3000 and is applied to Standard accounts, which is a very high ratio in the market. It should be understood that high leverage can help maximize profits on a small capital, but the losses can also be extremely high if effective risk management policies are not applied. For a novice trader, it is recommended to only trade with a maximum leverage ratio of 1:100, which is also advised by many experienced traders.

At AximTrade, the leverage ratio is dependent on the investor’s equity and is an inverse relationship. The larger the investor’s equity, the lower the leverage can be used. This policy ensures that the risk is limited for investors when trading large volumes.

Commission Commission fees are only applicable to ECN accounts at AximTrade, and the fee is $3 per lot per side (which means $6 for both opening and closing the order) and applies to all products traded on this account. Compared to the market average, commission fees at AximTrade are relatively low and competitive.


AximTrade applies floating spreads on all 3 account types.

Average spread (pip) of some major currency pairs and gold and silver.

ForexCent . accountStandard account
ECN account

The Cent and Standard account types have the same spread fees. The spread on these two account types is considered reasonable compared to most other forex brokers. The spread on the ECN account type is low, and when combined with a commission of $3 per lot per side, this account type can compete well with other reputable ECN account types offered by other forex brokers in the market.

Axim Trade Global Forex Awards

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Currently, AximTrade is planning to support additional methods of deposit and withdrawal, such as Visa/Master cards, e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and cryptocurrency Bitcoin, to provide customers with more options.

Summary of pros and cons


  • Diversified trading accounts, with Cent accounts to support small traders with little capital
  • Low minimum deposit
  • High leverage
  • Low spreads
  • Trade with no commissions or competitive fees
  • Support depositing and withdrawing money via Internet banking. Free deposit and withdrawal


  • Not licensed by a reputable forex regulator
  • Limited trading products
  • Does not support in-depth analysis tools
  • No copy trading, copy trading

Hopefully through this review, you have gained the most detailed information about AximTrade. If the trading conditions on the platform meet your investment needs, you can open a Cent account or a Demo account to experience it. However, AximTrade has not yet gained trust from most traders around the world due to its legal profile not being truly reputable and transparent. You can refer to the list of reputable and best forex brokers currently available to compare AximTrade with other brokers, and then make a decision to choose the most reasonable and appropriate forex platform.

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