XM is a forex trading platform established in 2009 and operated by XM Global Limited. After 13 years of operation, XM has grown into a strong international investment company, leading the market with over 5 million customers from 190 countries worldwide.

Additionally, XM has 600 experts with many years of experience in finance and the ability to support customers in 30 different languages; providing 13 modern, feature-rich trading platforms; and offering 25+ secure payment methods.

At XM, all information is publicly available, transparent, and orders are executed quickly. This is also the factor that helps XM attract Japanese investors – a country with demanding and strict traders who have very high requirements for services.

Established 2009
Management agency FSC, ASICCySEC, DFSA
Exchanges Market Maker
Trading platform MT4, MT5, 
Trading toolsForex, Metals, Energy, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Stock CFDs
Minimum deposit 5$
Types of Accounts 5 Trading Account
Maximum leverage 1:1000
Spread Fee From 0.6 pip
Website language English and others
Deposit – withdrawal methodInternet Banking, Visa, Skill Ewallet, Neteller, WebMoney

Established in 2009, XM is quite well-known in the retail forex trading industry. Is it recommended and ideal for you? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of XM broker here.

XM broker is established under the XM Global Limited, which is part of the XM Group financial company. XM is founded in 2009 as an online broker and trading platform service that offers a wide ion of accounts with a low minimum deposit, designed to attract every trader across the globe. The XM group itself is an industry leader with 2.5 million clients from 196 different countries. In recent years, XM expanded its service into an online multi-asset forex broker including over a thousand CFDs and 57 currency pairs as tradable assets. 


  • Low stock CFD and withdrawal fees
  • Easy and fast account opening
  • Great educational tools

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  • The Advantages of Forex Trading with XM
    • Reliable and Trustworthy
    • Wide Range of Leverage
    • Minimal Time Delay in Execution
    • Multilingual 24-hour Customer Support, 5 Days a Week
    • Reliable Trading Platforms
    • Instant Deposit and Withdrawal
    • Wide Range of Trading Assets
    • Low Spread
    • Various Types of Accounts
    • Trading Course and Market Research
  • The Disadvantages of Forex Trading with XM

The Advantages of Forex Trading with XM

We have prepared a summary of the advantages of XM Broker. This hopefully helps you to find an insight to decide whether you need to open an account and start forex trading with XM broker right now.

XM Specifications 

Reliable and Trustworthy

From the regulatory perspective, XM is supported by licenses from the CySEC and the FCA. Since its inception, XM broker has quickly gained the attention of traders all around the world, thanks to its various advantages such as low spreads, fast service, and other types of attractive offers. So far, XM claimed to have executed a total of 1.4 billion trades with remarkable zero repeats or rejections.

Since 2011, XM has been receiving a warm response from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, including Indonesia). More than 1 million traders from all over the world have traded with XM brokerage, so it doesn’t come as a surprise if the company provides services in more than 20 languages. This is in line with its mission and dedication to always provide convenience for clients, including setting up a customer support line that is available 24 hours every Monday to Friday.

Wide Range of Leverage

XM Broker offers leverage ranging from 1:1 up to 888:1. However, the leverage available to choose from will largely depend on your asset, trade size, and account type. You could always request XM Broker to change your chosen leverage, either increase or decrease from your current leverage.

Whenever you start to trade in XM trading account, they will always warn or remind you regarding the risks attached when trading with leverage. Even better, the platform provides the option to show a simple dashboard while trading to help you monitor their margin and cope with risk exposure in a real-time manner. You can observe both used and free margins, which will combine as the equity in your portfolio. The free margin is the quantity you still have in your trading account, while the used margin will refer to how much money you need to have for a transaction.

You will receive a margin call warning once your account equity plunges below 50% (the required margin to open positions). Margin call warning is a notification mechanism, to inform you that your trading account lacks the required equity to maintain trading positions.

To protect customers’ funds, XM also features a stop-out level mechanism. The stop-out level is set so that when the equity level reaches a certain point, it will automatically close the clients’ floating positions. All retail clients with XM Ultra-Low Accounts, Micro Accounts, or Standard Accounts have a stop-out level of 20%.

Minimal Time Delay in Execution

This guarantees that absolutely no requotes will be given thanks to XM’s efficient operation and time management. In XM Broker, traders can place a variety of order types, ranging from stops, trailing stops, market orders, and limits. Moreover, traders who prefer conventional trading can place trades via the telephone as well. They can always set and place their trades during their respective trading hours.

XM trading hours opens and closes in sync with each market’s active hour. This means, for the forex market, you can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This happens because when one market closes the other open thanks to various markets available in different time zones such as London, Tokyo, Sydney, and New York. XM trading hours start at 22:05 GMT (Sunday) and ends at 21:50 GMT (Friday). This applies to both website or telephone trading.

Multilingual 24-hour Customer Support, 5 Days a Week

XM Broker provides 24-hour phone, email, or online chat customer service from Monday to Friday in 30 different languages. This wide language support made nearly everyone to engage in easy and secure communication with XM’s dedicated support team. XM also encourages its users to contact customer support whenever they have any doubts regarding the trading platform.


  • Low stock CFD and withdrawal fees
  • Easy and fast account opening
  • Great educational tools
  • Limited product portfolio
  • Average forex and stock index CFD fees
  • No investor protection for non-EU clients

XM is adamant to maintain its customer’s trust and strive to achieve a perfect score in the clients’ satisfaction. They understand that reputation and credibility are closely associated, therefore always pursue and improve ability following the clients’ needs based on what they expect.

This is accomplished by always keeping watch and adapt to the latest technologies and industry trends. XM will never compromise any factor that might affect client performance, and this helps them deliver tight spreads and best execution.

The XM management team has spread to 120 cities around the world, aiming to get a better understanding of their clients and partners. XM also places high value to connect clients as humanly as possible. To deliver such interactions, XM Broker frequently hosts seminars around the world. They have already hosted hundreds of workshops which is intended to give clients the necessary skills and knowledge to make improved trading decisions.

Reliable Trading Platforms

XM Broker supports both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform that offers state of the art technology, simple to use, and user-friendly interface. Both of which are equally popular trading platforms. They offer trading versatility since both applications are available through a wide range of devices, from installed software on a PC, WebTrader in a web browser, to mobile devices.

Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

XM Broker provides rapid processing of payment such as deposits and withdrawals that are supported by many types of transfer methods. In this case, traders can choose to fund their account via bank transfer, credit card, or e-payments like Skrill and Neteller. Another specialty of XM broker is the availability of free (no fee) deposit and withdrawal options. 

Wide Range of Trading Assets

XM Broker provides the option to trade in a wide range of assets including precious metals, commodities, stocks, and energy products. When you have registered as an XM trader, you will get a dashboard to view all the instruments available on XM Broker. Currently, the company allows trading with over a thousand financial instruments in seven different asset classes, including equity indices, energies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious metals, individual stocks, and foreign exchange.

In the asset library, you can find 1,210 CFDs as well as 57 forex pairs (exotics, majors, and minors). The library can be casually browsed or filtered if you would like to find a specific stock originating from a certain country. Said class asset is spanned into 17 different countries such as Russia, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The platform also provides access to 8 commodities through CFD assets. There are 12 futures indices CFDs and 18 cash indices CFDs available. And finally, XM Broker also enables trading with metals such as silver and gold.

Low Spread

XM utilizes a variable spread in its platform, mimicking the way the interbank foreign exchange market offers prices to its clients. The main purpose of this variable spreads is to eliminate the requirement for an insurance premium. As regulators usually demand insurance premiums from the broker who offers fixed spreads, they tend to be bigger than variable spreads. So, by offering variable spreads to its customers, XM broker successfully avoids these issues.

Moreover, the platform also provides a trader with fractional pip pricing. Fractional pip pricing allows the broker to implement the best prices available from liquidity providers. This allows traders to get tighter spreads and more accurate quotes.

Various Types of Accounts

This kind of flexibility will help traders meet their unique trading requirements and needs. There are a few account type available in XM Broker, which is as follows:

Ultra-Low Account

Any trader has access to this XM Ultra-Low account. Do note that the required minimum deposit is $50. There are two sub-options available: the Micro Ultra and the Standard Ultra. The differing point is that the XM Micro Ultra Low account has a minimum trade volume of 0.1 lots and a limit of 100 lots per ticket.

In comparison, the XM Standard Ultra-Low account has a lower requirement, starting from 0.01 lots trading volume and a limit of 50 lots per ticket. All traders can have up to 200 positions pending or open positions at a single time. There is also the option of an Islamic account available, although there is no balance protection and zero commissions offered. XM Ultra-Low Account allows hedging, but there are no deposit bonuses nor any trading bonuses.

  • Low stock CFD and withdrawal fees
  • Easy and fast account opening
  • Great educational tools

Micro and Standard Accounts

XM Micro accounts have more base currencies available to choose from, ranging from the USD, SGD, AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, ZAR, RUB, HUF, and PLN. This type of account already includes features such as negative balance protection and trading bonuses; however, there are no deposit bonuses yet.

To open a Micro account, traders have to make a minimum deposit of $5. Traders who prefer the Shariah account can also choose to open an Islamic account type as well. There are no commissions and 1 lot is 1000 units of any currency. Hedging is allowed, and the minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots in MetaTrader 4 and 0.1 lots on MetaTrader 5 platform. The amount of open or pending positions that traders can open at a single time is up to 200 positions with up to 100 lots per ticket.

XM Standard Accounts is pretty much similar to XM Micro Accounts, except for the lot size, minimum trade volume, and maximum lot per ticket. In Standard Account, 1 lot is 100,000 units, the minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots, and each ticket can reach up to 50 lots. Other than this, the features of Micro and Standard Accounts are generally the same.

Other Account Types Offered

Other types of account offered in XM Broker is the Shares account. It requires a minimum initial deposit of $10,000 and does not allow hedging. There are no deposit bonuses nor trading bonuses in this account. The minimum trade volume is 1 lot and the contract size is one share. Each ticket has a lot limit which is subject to the share. Traders can have 50 positions pending or open positions at a time.

Trading Course and Market Research

XM also presents comprehensive research and educational feature, ranging from daily news, research on market conditions, forex seminars, and live education with 20 multilingual professionals. As a matter of fact, there is a weekly webinar suitable for novice traders. The webinars are held almost every day and traders can take part in it. The material revolves around fundamental and technical basics, trading indicators, how to determine entry and exit, weekly market analysis, and many others.

The Disadvantages of Forex Trading with XM

The downsides of XM Broker are as follows:

  1. No PayPal Support. PayPal is unfortunately not an option for deposit or withdrawal. It is a downside because PayPal itself is a credible electronic payment used by many high-profile companies around the world. Its security system is also widely recognized and is arguably more regarded than other e-payment providers.
  2. Lack of customer support for the weekend. No customer support services are offered during the weekends, as the service is only active from 24/5. This means that clients can only ask or consult with customer support in business days, which is a major drawback for a broker striving to achieve the perfect score in clients’ satisfaction.
  3. No cryptocurrency trading. XM once offered cryptocurrencies as a class asset, but for some reason pulled them out of its list of instruments. As cryptocurrency has become an interesting addition that most forex brokers now provide, XM’s pullback indicates incompetency to keep up with the current market trend and their inability to maintain a class asset’s offering.

From the previous discourse, it can be concluded that the largest-selling point of XM broker is its trading reliability across a diverse range of forex markets. To maximize client convenience, XM has also provided various versions of the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. The disadvantages mainly come from additional issues that do not directly influence the quality of trading conditions, except maybe for the lack of customer support for the weekend.

All in all, XM is a recommended broker especially if you are looking for an ideal broker with low minimum deposit requirements. Other low deposit forex brokers can be found in this list.

  • Low stock CFD and withdrawal fees
  • Easy and fast account opening
  • Great educational tools

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Ups & Downs

  • Low stock CFD and withdrawal fees
  • Easy and fast account opening
  • Great educational tools
  • Limited product portfolio
  • Average forex and stock index CFD fees
  • No investor protection for non-EU clients


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