THE FASTEST ORDER EXECUTION According to the Traders Union Awards 2022

  • Competitive Spreads
  • MetaTrader Suite Available
  • wap-Free/Islamic Account Provided
  • High Maximum Leverage
  • No Bonuses/Promos
  • No USA Clients Permitted


  • Năm thành lập:
  • Trụ sở chính:
    Đảo Síp
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    Không giới hạn



THE FASTEST ORDER EXECUTION According to the Traders Union Awards 2022
  • Reputable certifications: FCA, CYSEC
  • Long-standing operating history: since 2008
  • Extremely low spreads in the market
  • Instant 24/7 withdrawals
  • Unlimited leverage (1:unlimited)
  • Social trading: Copy Trade
  • Excellent customer support for Vietnamese clients
  • Swap-free Gold trading
  • 24/7 Crypto trading with no Swap fees and leverage support up to 1:100
  • Spread giãn khi thị trường biến động mạnh​
  • Múi giờ Exness GMT +0 nên thời gian đóng nến khác nhiều broker khác (GMT +2)​
  • Exness is an outstanding foreign exchange broker with a comprehensive range of tools and features. It is reliable and offers fast deposit and withdrawal processing times, making it extremely convenient to use. The verification process is completed within 5 minutes, and Exness operates very quickly. Live chat support is also very responsive. These factors make Exness one of the best forex brokers in Vietnam.
  • Exness is a familiar name that is often mentioned in forums, groups, and communities focused on forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, and other financial instruments. It is a large and well-known trading platform that experts have deemed suitable for both professional and novice traders. However, if you are still unsure whether you should trade on the Exness platform, do not miss this article. We will help you gain a better understanding and provide an overview of the Exness trading platform.
Exness Overview
 Web address
 Headquarters Cyprus
 Management agency CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSA
 Founded year 2008
 Spread The shortest0 Pips
Lever Unlimited
️ Trading platform MT4, MT5, Web
 Deposit/withdrawal method Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Ngân Lượng
 Trading products Forex,Stock Indices, Commodities, Stocks, ETF, Crypto
 Minimum deposit 1$

Exness is a broker that operates globally, offering foreign exchange trading services and is part of the Exness Group. The company was founded in 2008 by a group of financial experts led by Petr Valov in Russia. Exness has a large-scale trading platform that has expanded worldwide, including in Vietnam.

Since Exness moved its headquarters to Europe, it has experienced remarkable growth and has become the largest retail broker in the world. Exness is a broker for everyone worldwide, and therefore, its website has been localized in 15 different languages, and it has offices in many parts of the world.

Moreover, the Exness Group has several subsidiaries, with the most famous being Nymstar Limited, a securities company. This demonstrates that Exness is not just a robust foreign exchange trading platform, but is also expanding its influence into other areas.

Currently, Exness is a reliable and top choice for foreign exchange traders. In particular, traders value Exness for focusing on providing the best trading conditions for basic trading components, such as spreads, leverage, and copy trading.

In 2019, Exness had a massive trading volume of $325.8 billion, making it one of the most popular forex brokers in the world.



Exness is the best online trading platform, providing traders with the lowest commission rates on currency pairs.

Exness is the brand name of a global Forex brokerage company that provides its services through two main offices in Seychelles and Cyprus. The company’s structure allows customers around the world to experience suitable investment solutions and financial services, while its global brand provides vast opportunities for retail and primarily company or partnership solutions.

The company is headquartered in Cyprus, a member of the European Union, and offers fully regulated services for members of the EEA and worldwide. Furthermore, the broker expands its global reach and establishes an organization headquartered in the United Kingdom called Exness UK Ltd, which is also duly and fully regulated.

In fact, Exness has won numerous awards as a retail broker because it offers stable and reliable brokerage services with a comfortable trading environment created to suit the most demanding traders with low spreads and no hidden commissions from 0.1 pips. The trading process is provided by the intuitive MT4 platform with the ability to trade a variety of CFDs and Futures contracts across multiple markets.

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Is Exness exchange reputable?

In the forex market, the first thing you want to know about a trading platform is its safety. The worst thing that can happen is to trade with a fraudulent platform. That’s why traders are most concerned about and thoroughly research before opening a trading account.

To determine whether a company or trading platform is safe or not, it needs to prove many things. With over 10 years of operation in the market, Exness has achieved significant achievements that have demonstrated its credibility and reliability to traders through licenses, certificates, and other credentials.


Exness Top 1 Forex broker in Vietnam

Exness là nền tảng giao dịch trực tuyến tốt nhất. Cung cấp cho các nhà giao dịch mức hoa hồng thấp nhất trên các cặp tiền tệ.

Exness exchange operating license

The Forex operating license from financial institutions is the foremost measure to evaluate the credibility of a trading platform. Each country has its own regulatory body to oversee the operations of Forex trading platforms.

Due to the differences in economic strength among countries, some regulatory bodies are more reputable than others. Naturally, when a Forex trading platform obtains a license, it cannot be a fraudulent platform.

Exness Exchange has licenses from leading regulatory agencies worldwide such as the FCA in the UK, FSCA in South Africa, and CySEC in Cyprus. These agencies are located in the financial centers of the world and their licenses are highly respected and trusted in the forex market.

In addition to the above licenses, Exness also holds licenses from other tier 2 regulatory bodies such as the FSA of Seychelles, CBCS of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, FSC of BVI, and FSC of Mauritius. With all these licenses, Exness has demonstrated its safety and reliability, and traders can trade on the platform with confidence and peace of mind.

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Financial Services Agency (FSA)

Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS)

Financial Services Commission (FSC)

Financial Services Commission (FSC)

Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)

Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of Cyprus (CySEC)

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • FSA is an independent regulatory authority responsible for issuing licenses, managing, enforcing regulatory provisions and compliance, monitoring, and inspecting business operations in the non-banking financial services sector in Seychelles.
  • Exness (SC) Ltd is a securities trading company licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Seychelles under license number SD025.
  • Exness (SC) Ltd operates on this website under the terms of service of jurisdictions outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Learn more about Exness’ FSA license here.

Exness is the top Forex trading platform in Vietnam, offering traders the lowest commission rates on currency pairs. Trading volume on the Exness platform is enormous.

Currently, a license is not the only factor that can be used to evaluate the quality of a Forex trading platform. We cannot ignore the trading volume on various platforms. At Exness, the average monthly trading volume is between $700 billion and $900 billion, while other trading platforms only reach $400-500 billion.

Moreover, Exness publishes its trading volume, deposit amount, number of customers, and other figures on its company website every month. This factor has contributed to the enormous trading volume on the Exness platform.

Exness Customer Protection Program

When it comes to the Exness trading platform, we cannot overlook the dedicated insurance program for investors, known as Negative Balance Protection. This program provides customers with protection against harsh market conditions, ensuring that they do not lose money.

This type of insurance program is commonly found on forex trading platforms in Europe. However, Exness has brought the safest protection to all of its customers worldwide.

Customers’ trust in Exness

With over 10 years of age, Exness trading platform has proven its credibility with a large number of active traders. Therefore, when choosing Exness as your trading platform, you can rest assured that it is not a scam platform.

Types of accounts on Exness

On the Exness forex trading platform, there are 2 groups of accounts: Standard – Standard accounts and Professional – Professional accounts.

Standard account provided by Exness

Standard Account (Standard): This is an account designed specifically for new or novice traders to accumulate forex trading experience. This is a group of accounts that does not charge trading fees, allowing for trading with small volumes and without requiring high capital. However, when using this account, traders can still access top forex trading services at low costs. There are two types of accounts in this group:

 Standard account using MT4Standard account using MT5
Account Type

Standard Account Cent . AccountAccount Standard
Maximum leverage1: vô cực1:2000
Spread Từ 3 pipTừ 3 pip
CommissionAre notAre not
Minimum depositTừ 1 USDTừ 1 USD
Who should use a standard account?New traders who are in need of testing the floor.

There is almost no difference between the MT4 and MT5 software provided by Exness, the only difference is that the leverage level for MT5 accounts is slightly lower than for MT4 accounts.

Professional Accounts provided by Exness

Professional Accounts: This account group is suitable for traders with relatively long experience in the market. Here, you will enjoy a better trading environment with features that help you achieve huge profits. There are three types of accounts in this account group: Zero, Rawspread, and Pro. These account types do not have significant differences, however, for each trading strategy, you should use and choose the corresponding type of account.

 Professional account using MT4Professional account using MT5
 Raw Spread accountZero AccountRaw Spread accountZero Account
Minimum deposit amount 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD
Maximum leverage 1: Infinity 1: Infinity1: 20001: 2000
Commission Max 7 USD/lot From 7 USD/lotMax 7 USD/lotFrom 7 USD/lot
Spread  From 0 pipsFrom 0 pipsFrom 0 pipsFrom 0 pips
Advantages/DisadvantagesAttractive spreads with low commissions.SUPER LOW Spread has many zero pairs, about 95% of 1 day trading time in 30 different currency pairs. Cons: higher commissions than Raw Spread accountsLow spreads and medium commissionsSUPER LOW Spread has many zero pairs, about 95% of 1 day trading time in 30 different currency pairs. Cons: higher commissions than Raw Spread accounts
Who is suitable to use the account?·         Professional, experienced trader.·         Who likes to trade gold (thanks to low spreads and free swap).·         Trader who likes to trade tickers.·         Traders with 1 time trading experience.·         Not suitable for new traders or inexperienced MT5 trading software.

What trading platform is available at Exness?

You can choose to trade on Exness MT4, MT 5 or Exness Terminal, designed specifically for use at Exness. If you are a new trader, you can learn how to use this platform through a demo account. Alternatively, you can start with a minimum deposit of just $10 to begin learning how to use the platform.

What trading products does Exness offer?

At the Exness trading platform, investors can conduct transactions with the following products:

  • Currency: 107 pairs including 7 major currency pairs offered by Exness; 25 minor currency pairs, and 75 exotic currency pairs.
  • Indices: 10 indices.
  • Stocks: 30 stocks, including popular stocks provided by Exness such as Amazon, Alibaba Group, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Alphabet, or Google.
  • Energy: Oil (2 types).
  • Cryptocurrency: 7 pairs, including 4 major cryptocurrencies offered by Exness, namely BTC, ETH, ETC, and XRP.
  • Precious metals: 10 pairs, including 4 major precious metals offered by Exness, namely gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The transaction cost of Exness exchange is how much?

Exness Forex trading platform has been evaluated by experts and investors as one of the best trading platforms on the market, with extremely attractive trading conditions and benefits, such as:

Minimum deposit amount

At Exness trading platform, you can start with any amount, even with just $1, because Exness is not bound by the minimum deposit requirement. However, if you choose a professional account, the minimum deposit is $200, which is considered a very low amount in the forex market.

Spread and commission

Spread is the difference between the buying and selling price of a forex trading product. Every trader needs a low spread level. With Exness trading platform, the spread is only 0.5 pip for a regular account and 0 pip for a professional account. Exness’s spread level is currently the best on the forex trading market.

Meanwhile, Exness charges a commission of $7 per lot traded by the customer, which is lower than the minimum commission of $10 charged by other trading platforms on the market. So, you can see that Exness’s trading cost is low compared to others.

Yes, based on the above information, it can be concluded that Exness has a low trading cost.


The Exness trading platform offers a maximum leverage level without any limits. This is a leverage level that is not available on any other forex trading platform in the market. In particular, when you choose to trade with this leverage level, you will not have to pay a margin fee to the Exness group.

Exness is one of the reputable forex brokers with the highest leverage level in the market. Please refer to the table below to see the specific leverage levels that you can enjoy (on the MT4 platform):

Trading capitalMaximum leverage
Accounts under $10001:Unlimited
Accounts from $1000 to $50001:2000
Accounts from $5000 to $15,0001:1000
Accounts from 15,000 to 30,000 dollars1:600
Accounts from $30,000 to $60,0001:400
Accounts from $60,000 to $200,0001:200
Accounts over $200,0001:100

Overnight fee

Overnight fee is a type of fee that any exchange platform charges their customers. This fee is very important and of great concern to long-term traders. However, at Exness exchange, customers do not need to worry about the overnight fee. You can use Exness forex calculator to calculate this fee quickly and conveniently. Especially, at the beginning of 2021, Exness exchange decided not to charge overnight fees for gold, stocks, and cryptocurrencies trading. This is a super attractive incentive for traders.

At Exness, the overnight fee is calculated according to the formula:

With a buy order: Lot number x View order volume x Base point size x Buy overnight fee x Number of days to open an order

With a sell order: Lot number x Order volume x Base point size x Sell swap fee x Number of days to open an order

Exness floor customer care service

Customers prefer and trust Exness not only because of the aforementioned conditions, but also because of Exness’ service quality and support for its customers and investors. Unlike other forex trading platforms, Exness provides traders with unique services that are more attractive and appealing. As a result, Exness is always the top choice for investors.

The leading deposit and withdrawal system at Exness

Depositing and withdrawing funds at Exness exchange can be done using electronic wallets or directly through the banking system, and is considered the fastest method of depositing and withdrawing funds currently available. In each country, Exness exchange integrates with the appropriate electronic wallets and banks in that country, making it convenient for traders.

For investors in Vietnam, it is easy and fast to deposit and withdraw funds without any fees using Ngan Luong, or internet banking services from banks such as ACB, Techcombank, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, and Sacombank.

In addition, traders can also use Visa and MasterCard, electronic wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, digital currency wallets such as Bitcoin, to deposit and withdraw funds in their Exness exchange accounts.

Depositing and withdrawing funds at Exness exchange is considered the fastest among all foreign exchange trading platforms. Traders can withdraw funds even on weekends with a completely automated process.

Easily contact the Exness team

Exness Exchange is one of the few trading platforms that has a Vietnamese support team. Since creating your account, you have received support from Exness’ support team regarding any questions or issues you have encountered. The Exness support team works 18 hours a day and is always ready to provide quick assistance via hotline.

In addition, traders can also contact the customer care team through the live chat feature on the website. Alternatively, they can use email to get in touch.

Useful experience for transactions at Exness

Exness is one of the most useful trading platforms for you to choose when it comes to executing forex trades. Whether you are a new investor or an experienced one, you can conduct effective trades on the platform. 

To be able to conduct effective transactions on the Exness platform, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • At Exness exchange, the spread during the day is lower than at night, and the spread is highest in the early morning.
  • When trading on the Exness exchange, it is advisable to use high leverage to minimize margin requirements.
  • Choosing to trade cryptocurrencies on the Exness exchange is the best choice, as it offers the best conditions for cryptocurrency pairs.
  • Using internet banking for deposits and withdrawals is more convenient, faster, and does not incur fees.
  • When withdrawing money from the Exness exchange, you will receive a verification code via phone call, so please take note of that.

The Exness trading platform has become the largest financial trading venue in the world. It is consistently rated highest in terms of service quality and reliability. Investors can be completely confident in selecting and conducting transactions on the Exness platform.


Exness Exchange is a tightly regulated broker that provides easy options for both beginners and experienced traders. However, the resources for training and research are quite limited. Nevertheless, what Metatrader provides is comprehensive enough. With its different versions, you can trade from any device, whether it’s a PC or a mobile device.

These platforms provide the necessary tools to have a safe environment with no limitations for your trading method. In addition, the broker also provides free VPS offerings and many tools from third-party providers.

More importantly, you can also choose free tools such as VPS hosting, margin calculator, pip value, long and short swaps.

Most importantly, excellent service is provided by a customer support team that operates 24/7 in many different languages, including Vietnamese.

Frequently asked questions about Exness

How long does it take to withdraw from Exness?

Instant withdrawals, for e-wallets, can take up to 5 days for cards and bank transfers.

What does Exness offer?

An online broker offers a variety of financial assets including currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, indices, and stock CFDs. Exness is a fully integrated trading platform where you can trade via Webtrader, MT4, and MT5 as well as register an account. You can deposit and withdraw funds in one place.

Is Exness reliable?

Exness đáng tin cậy vì Exness được quản lý bởi các cơ quan tài chính quốc tế như Cơ quan Dịch vụ Tài chính Seychelles (FSA), Ủy ban Chứng khoán và Giao dịch Síp (CySEC), Cơ quan Quản lý Định chế Tài chính của nước Anh (FCA), Cơ quan Quản lý Các Tổ chức Tài chính Đại lý (FSCA), v.v.

How many trading accounts can I create?

You can create up to 400 trading accounts in your Personal Area, including all account types except for Standard Cent accounts. You can open up to 100 accounts per platform, for both MT4 and MT5 accounts, as well as for both real and demo accounts.

How does trading with Exness work?

If you haven’t already registered, you can click on the “Sign up” button and choose the account type you want to trade on as your platform. Online trading is supported on MT4 and MT5, and you can place trades manually. Alternatively, you can use automated trading systems or EAs.

The difference between Standard and Pro account types?

Standard and Pro accounts differ in several aspects such as execution of orders, minimum deposit amount, and minimum level of trade volume. Although there are no transaction fees and no limit on leverage for both account types.

Where is the address of Exness located?

The company is headquartered at 1 Siafi Street, Porto Bello Building, Office 401, 3042, Limassol, Cyprus.

Does Exness allow withdrawals on weekends?

Exness provides instant and convenient withdrawal services. You can submit a withdrawal request 24/7, meaning that a withdrawal request can be sent at any time of the day, including holidays.

Can I trade indices with Exness?

You can choose from a variety of different indices. Some of the most popular CFDs for trading include FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and many other CFDs.

Does Exness support Bitcoin trading?

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin currency.

Above is all detailed information about Exness exchange that wants to share with investors and readers. In general, with quality services, Exness has become the leading reputable forex trading platform in Vietnam and in the world. Therefore, when choosing to trade at Exness, you can rest assured.

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