Best Forex Spreads MEA Top 1 Broker for Commissions and Fees

  • The trading platforms are robust and user-friendly
  • Tickmill is well regulated in several regions with a proven track record of excellent trading services
  • Spreads Start as Low as 0.0 pips
  • Expansive Educational Offerings and Analysis
  • Multilingual Customer Support Via Phone, Chat, Email, Social Media
  • United States Clients cannot register with Tickmill
  • There are no fixed spread accounts offered
  • Currency conversion fees may be deducted
  • The spreads are not the tightest


  • Tickmill is a suitable broker for both professional traders and novices. The company is good for robotic trading as well as for short-term strategies.:


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Best Forex Spreads MEA Top 1 Broker for Commissions and Fees

General Information and Licenses of the Exchange

Tickmill is a trading platform owned by the Tickmill Group, established in 2015 in Seychelles. Despite being relatively young compared to many other trading platforms, Tickmill has experienced astonishing growth and development.

However, Tickmill’s predecessor is Armada Markets, which was founded in 2008. Thus, if we consider it more broadly, Tickmill is actually about 13 years old.

Tickmill’s rapid development is attributed to its founding members, who are all big names in the financial industry. For example, Sudhanshu Agarwal, who has over 15 years of experience and was once the CEO of AvaTrade, a well-known forex exchange in Australia. In addition, many founding members directly write financial analysis articles for investors.

Tickmill holds licenses from several reputable regulatory authorities, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). These licenses ensure that Tickmill operates in compliance with the regulations and standards set forth by these authorities, providing a safe and reliable trading environment for its clients.

Tickmill currently owns 3 licenses:  FSA, FCA, CySEC, FSCA. In which,  FCA  (United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority),  CySEC  (Cyprus Securities Commission) are very reputable agencies in the industry.

The FCA is one of the most rigorous and difficult to obtain conditional licenses in the Forex industry. FCA-licensed exchanges are all highly reputable in the industry.

In my opinion objectively, Tickmill does not withdraw as fast as Exness, does not have a good trading platform like XTB, does not spread as low as IC Markets. But they keep all factors stable and balanced. Adequate deposit and withdrawal, basic trading platform, spreads are not as low as IC Markets but at a good level and the lowest commission in the market is only 2$ (compared to IC Markets’ 3.5$)

This explains why Tickmill has such a fast growth rate.

Tickmill’s Prizes of the Year 2021

Tickmill received 3  awards in the Global Forex Awards 2021, in the following categories::

Best Service Support Customer Forex Forex – Global

Best Experience trading ForexForex – Asia

The bestexperiencetrading Forex forex – Middle East

As many reviews I have written, no exchange is perfect, each exchange will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Tickmill is a broker that keeps the combination of factors at a stable and sufficient level, which is what makes them special. So I personally rate Tickmill as a recommended trading platform, suitable for the needs of most Traders.

With this overview you can rest assured Tickmill is not a scam broker. You can continue to see the details of your review below!

Some statistics about Tickmill

Tickmill Trading Platform

Tickmill offers a suite of popular trading platforms developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, including the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. Previously, Tickmill only provided MT4 platform but recently they have added MT5 platform support.

The MT5 platform is an upgraded platform of MT4 (but on two different programming languages, mql4, mql5). Therefore, accounts of MT4, Indicator, EA, etc. on MT4 will not be available for MT5 and vice versa.

MetaTrader 5 has a nicer, friendlier interface and better features than MT4. The parent company MetaQuotes also directs users to use MT5 and stop upgrading MT4. However, the number of users switching to MT5 is still not much because MT4 is old, so there are a large number of indicators, EAs, etc. created by 3rd party programmers.

I usually use MT5 more because it is more convenient to enter orders than MT4

Does Tickmill have MT5?

Tickmill supports Meta Trader 5 platform. Previously Tickmill only had MT4  and recently supported MT5 so you will see some information from old Websites that have not been updated saying that Tickmill is not available. MT5.

You can view or download MT4 here or MT5 here:

Trading products

The trading products offered by Tickmill are:

Indices: provides 15 stock indices of many major markets such as the US, Asia, Europe, UK…, some famous indexes such as: AUS200, DE30, HK50, JP225, UK100…

  • Forex: offers more than 60 currency pairs.
  • Commodities: trading only 1 commodity is WTI Oil
  • Metals: including pairs XAUUSD, XAGUSD
  • Bonds: allows trading of 4 types of German Government bonds
  • Cryptocurrencies: offers trading BTC, ETH, LTC but leverage is only 1:2
  • Tickmill’s trading products are basic to a Forex broker and are not as diverse as some other brokers. The choice of currency pairs to trade will depend on the preferences of each person, the trading method. But trading more pairs does not mean more profits, I recommend that everyone trade a few pairs to feel the movement of the market and should choose major currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD , USDJPY,… for high liquidity and best trading spread.

Which Tickmill account to choose?

Tickmill offers 3 account types: Classic, Pro and VIP. These accounts are suitable for different types of traders, the execution speed of Tickmill accounts is the same, so choosing which account will be suitable for the purpose of investors…

Let’s find out the details of accounts at suitable Tickmill with Medio, which types of traders will be suitable for you!

Accounts for Traders who don’t want to lose commissions

Classic is the right Tickmill account for you with the following features:

  • Minimum Deposit: 100 USD
  • Spread: From 1.6 pips
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:500
  • Minimum Lot: 0.01
  • Commission fee: No

If your trading method is not too strict and requires extremely low spreads, then Classic is the account that will be suitable for you

Account for Traders who want low spreads

Pro account features:

Minimum Deposit: 100 USD

Spread From: 0.0 pips

Maximum Leverage: 1:500

Minimum Lot: 0.01 lot

Commission fee: 2 USD/lot/way

Classic and Pro accounts are the same in the initial minimum deposit of $100. But the Pro account will have low spreads from 0.0 pips and commissions when trading.

Normally the spread of EURUSD ~ 0.1 pip, GBPUSD ~ 0.3 pip if comparing the commission rate of 2$/lot/1 way versus 3.5$/lot/1 way of IC Markets or Exness, the spread of Tickmill very good.

In addition, when you register for a Pro account here you will receive an additional 5% discount on transaction fees, which is only $1.9/lot/way.

Professional account

  • VIP account – as the name suggests, reserved for professionals, longtime people in the profession with a large amount of capital.
  • Minimum deposit: 50,000 USD
  • Spread: From 0.0 pips
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:500
  • Minimum Lot: 0.01
  • Commission fee: 1 USD/lot/way

The VIP account is the account with the best and most favorable trading conditions at Tickmill when the commission fee is only half that of the Pro account, helping you to optimize your profits.

Of course, this is the type of account for investors with a fairly large capital, not for the vast majority of people. The leverage level with such a $50,000 account is quite high because other exchanges usually have higher capital, the more leverage will be reduced.

What is the commission fee at Tickmill?

Compare the commission rates at Tickmill among the brokers with the lowest commissions of all exchanges at only $2/lot/ 1-way (or $1 for VIP accounts). Only equivalent to one-way fees at many other exchanges (ie Tickmill is almost half cheaper)
In addition, Tickmill currently has a trading fee refund program, you can see details about this program in the Promotions section below.

Should I trade at Tickmill?

  • Based on my experience, the Pro account at Tickmill is a recommended account when it comes to stability and comprehensive needs compared to other exchanges.
  • Tickmill, as I shared above, is just enough to use. Trading products are not too diverse, the spread is just enough for small frame traders to trade and the commission is nearly half lower than the above exchanges. This will help maximize your profits when the commission difference with other brokers is quite large.
  • However, Tickmill has a disadvantage that the minimum amount to be able to trade at Tickmill is quite high, at least from $ 100.

Who is Tickmill suitable for?

  • Tickmill is a trading platform that offers a lot of incentives for experienced traders to trade with accounts with large balances and trading volumes. If you trade with a balance of $50,000 or more choose Tickmill’s  VIP account  with 1:500 leverage and a commission of just $1/lot/way. This is the best offer on the market at the moment.
  • Even for traders with lower capital and using a Pro account, the $2/lot/way is the lowest in the market, so traders with large volumes can save quite a bit of trading fees.
  • However, Tickmill’s trading products are not as diverse as other exchanges, so it will be more suitable for pure Forex traders. Tickmill’s crypto product is also not as attractive as Exness, nor does it have the same tickers as in XTB.
  • In addition, when trading Cryptocurrencies at Tickmill, the trading time is only 24/5 on the weekend you will not be able to trade. If you are a person who likes to trade Cryptocurrencies you can choose Exness or XTB which will be more suitable.

Summary:  You should choose to trade at Tickmill if you mainly trade Forex pairs and looking for a broker with low spreads, stable, low commission to trade small timeframes. Or your account has a large balance of over $50,000 to choose a VIP account with a commission of only $1/way.

Which region should I choose when registering for Tickmill

When you visit the homepage of  Tickmill you will see an option of managed areas which are:

  • Tickmill Ltd Seychelles
  • Tickmill UK
  • Tickmill Europe
  • Tickmill Asia
  • Tickmill South Africa

Fund Management with Tickmill

For experienced traders who manage accounts for many customers or open their own funds, MAM multi-account management is a solution to make your management easier and more leisurely.

MAM Multi-Account Manager is a fairly simple piece of software that integrates into your MT4, allowing the fund manager to place large orders for an unlimited number of accounts. The process is fast, efficient and can be done from a trading platform.

Who can use MAM?

  • Professional Traders and Investment Firms authorized to manage funds on behalf of their clients can use Tickmill Multi-Account Manager.
  • Benefits and advantages when you manage the Client’s funds and accounts with Tickmill:
  • 2 Allocation method:
    The ratio is based on balance
    Equity based ratio
  • Low minimum trading volume from 0.01 lot
  • Allow trading of EA
  • Unlimited number of sub-accounts
  • All regular orders are accepted: Market, Stop, Limit
  • Product variety
  • MT4 server for fast and stable order execution.

Autotrade at Tickmill

  • Tickmill does not offer CopyTrade or Autotrade functionality directly on its own platform.
  • In return, Tickmill connects to one of the leading websites for copytrade services, Myfxbook. After opening an account at Tickmill, simply visit the Myfxbook website and link your Tickmill trading account to Myfxbook AutoTrade.
  • Then select the automatic trading system on Myfxbook that you see fit and then proceed to copy. It should be noted that Tickmill is just an intermediary to help you connect to Myfxbook AutoTrade, so you are solely responsible for the selection of your trading systems at Myfxbook.


  • Welcome Program 30$
  • For those of you just starting out, Tickmill has a 30$ welcome account so you can trade right away without any deposit. This $ 30 you cannot withdraw but the profit when trading on the account will be yours. This program is mainly for Forex novice traders who can start practicing trading risk-free.
  • The program will have some rules, you can see the rules and register to receive $ 30 here.
  • Transaction Fee Refund Program

Update – 02.10.2021 During the period from September 13, 2021 to March 14, 2022, you will also be refunded the transaction fee from $0.25 to $0.75/lot depending on the monthly trading volume. So the actual commission paid to the exchange will be much lower than that of other exchanges.

The condition to note is that the program applies to only 1 account and you need to register for the program before trading here and have a minimum capital of $200

Deposits and withdrawals at Tickmill

You can make a deposit to Tickmill in a variety of ways:

  • Visa, Mastercard.
  • Stickpay
  • Neteller, Skrill,…
  • Money

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw at Tickmill?

  • You should use forms of deposit and withdrawal via Ngan Luong, Vietnam Internet Banking with instant deposit time, website withdrawal within 24 hours.
  • Free withdrawals
  • You deposit and withdraw money with Ngan Luong, Internet Banking at Tickmill is completely free. There is only a slight difference between buying and selling rates of VND and USD due to banks.
  • Currently, Tickmill has added and has 2 Internet Banking portals in Vietnam, so everyone can be assured that the deposit and withdrawal will not be interrupted.
  • An important thing when investing in forex is that you should use platforms for depositing and withdrawing via Internet Banking Vietnam for faster and easier deposit and withdrawal times instead of other forms of deposit and withdrawal. So that we can withdraw interest daily, weekly, or need to rotate capital to withdraw money faster.

Customer Support at Tickmill

  • TickMill currently has a Vietnamese language support team, you can contact us via email: Alternatively, you can use the online contact methods at the Tickmill website.
  • Investor Training & Guidance
  • Training materials, online seminars for investors at Tickmill are quite diverse, but currently most of them do not support Vietnamese language much. Hopefully in the near future Tickmill will have more documents to support investors in Vietnam.
  • Tickmill Registration Instructions
  • To open an account at Tickmill, it is very simple, you just need to visit and fill in the required registration information here
  • After filling in the information, you need to download the required authentication documents. Note: Any exchange will ask you to complete account verification to prevent money laundering. So please complete account verification before depositing to trade
  • Documents to prepare for account verification:
  • You prepare authentic documents such as: Identity card, Driver’s License or Bank Statement with personal information that matches the personal information you have registered.
  • Tickmill will review the information and send an email notification after approval. If there is any additional information, Tickmill will also guide you. You can also chat with support via the chat window if you have any questions during the registration process.
  • Pro tip: You can use your online statement to upload by changing the language of your Internet Banking to English. Then, download the file, see if your personal information is correct, if the address is not correct, you can correct it and then export the file as a pdf and upload it to Tickmill.

Should I use Tickmill broker?

  • Tickmill is a reputable broker with low spreads and very cheap commissions, so it is suitable for small frame, scalping or large volume traders who will have good trading conditions and save a lot of commission fees. .
  • You should choose to trade at Tickmill if you mainly trade Forex pairs and looking for a low spread, stable, low commission broker to trade small timeframes. Or your account has a large balance of over $50,000 to choose a VIP account with a commission of only $1/way. Through the information that we share, it can be seen that Tickmill  is being operated and developed very well. In the future, Tickmill can develop into the world’s leading forex trading platform. Hope these shares will help you choose the right exchange.
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