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My name is Khoi Nguyen and I love everything about saving, budgeting, investing, building wealth, and earning an online income by using Pinterest. 
I’m all for flexibility and balance, so I’d love ❤ to help you do all of this
I also started this blog as a side hobby to make extra money in 2018. After realizing that my blog is earning a full-time income, I decided to quit my job! Now, I want to help you live life with a purpose, so come join me today!



Hey there!

Welcome to my online space!

My name is Nguyen, and I’d like to share my journey of earning online income through building a personal blog. Currently, I work as a full-time content creator on my blog and social media platforms.

Before finding my way into this, I went through various different jobs. I graduated in accounting and used to work as an office employee, putting in 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, after accumulating some experience, I decided to venture into my own business in the travel service industry. But the reality was different from what I thought; being a business owner brought me more pressure. I had to work beyond office hours, day and night, even during leisure moments.

Things changed in 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This period provided me with an opportunity to explore new avenues. I decided to search for a different job, something that could offer me time freedom and higher income.

During this search, I stumbled upon the affiliate marketing model when seach Google. I decided to start a YouTube channel and build a blog to share my knowledge. 

Nearly 3 years since I began, I now have a YouTube channel with over 45,000 subscribers and three websites with over 30,000 monthly visitors.

One interesting thing is that I found I could generate income by sharing products I use and trust. Additionally, I’ve created other income sources such as advertising revenue and selling digital products I’ve created myself.

An important realization for me is that blogging and video sharing not only help me generate income but also allow me to share value and knowledge with others. Now, thanks to building my blog, I have time for my family and I’m no longer tied down by phone calls and daily tasks. Everything seems more automated, and I continue to develop new traffic channels to expand my influence.

If you’re seeking freedom and want to earn income online, I’d like to offer my advice: Start with building a blog. This isn’t just a way to make money, but also an opportunity to share knowledge and help others. I’m a living example of this, with current earnings reaching $10,000+ per month.

Remember, success in earning money online requires patience, daily commitment, and a determined mindset. Embrace the time and effort you invest, as later on, you’ll reap deserving results. Congratulations, and I hope you’ll find the freedom and success I’ve achieved.

If you’re interested and want to learn more about starting with a blog, you can follow the articles on my blog.