Our criteria for evaluating brokers

Our mission is to provide detailed and in-depth reviews of reputable and best Forex brokers and crypto exchange in the world. We analyze over 40 of the world’s largest brokers to select and introduce the best, most reputable, and suitable brokers for users

FX Affiliate is committed to providing readers with the most objective and accurate content according to our evaluation and analysis process, detailed testing from our end. There will be no bias for any Forex broker, nor for any reason, even if brokers want to pay us to rank higher on our ranking table. The way we make money is by receiving commissions from brokers that we introduce when users register accounts through our referral links to the brokers.

Our editing principles

We evaluate based on data analysis without using intuition to assess.

We do not favor or favor any broker, even if it is the largest broker in the world in terms of size and reputation. We will list a client’s views on the advantages or disadvantages of that environmentalist in our opinion. We do not hide or highlight what the real forex broker has. Any environmentalist with an impact or potential risk to your capital, we will advise and warn you.

Any broker with an impact or potential risk to your capital, we will advise and warn you.

We will not modify the evaluation process or change our opinion to achieve a relationship or maintain a partnership.

There are many brokers who are willing to pay us for a high ranking position on our leaderboard, but we do not change our rating guidelines for that profit.

Evaluating Forex brokers and Crypto Exchange

Every year, we analyze, aggregate and select the most reputable brokers in the world for evaluation. In 2023, we chose 10 brokers to evaluate. Our team spent months collecting data, researching and analyzing.

Our evaluation process starts with account opening and first-hand experience on brokers from a novice to a seasoned Forex trader. We comprehensively analyze and evaluate the products and services offered on Forex, Crypto brokers. We check for any concerns clients may have in the services the broker provides by diving into the website the broker operates and offers.

Us editorial principles:

We base our evaluations on data analysis and avoid relying on emotions.

We do not have any preference or bias towards any forex platform, regardless of its size or reputation.

We list the advantages and disadvantages of a platform objectively, without exaggerating or hiding any information.

We provide advice and warnings about any platform that poses a risk to your capital.

We do not modify our evaluation process or change our opinions to maintain any partnerships or affiliations.

Despite many trading platforms offering us money to improve their ranking in our list, we do not compromise our evaluation principles for profit.