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Forex is a potential financial investment channel but carries many inherent risks, requiring investors to have in-depth knowledge when participating in the market.

As an expert in the finance field in general and Forex in particular, FX Affiliate deeply understands this, and thus, we have decided to share our professional knowledge and Forex investment experience from basic to advanced on the website

The content that you can find on includes:

Review of reputable Forex brokers

Currently, Forex trading platforms are mushrooming, among which many are fraudulent brokers. Therefore, Soria For Congress has built the “Forex Broker” section to introduce traders to the most reputable and best Forex brokers today.

All of our reviews are based on objective criteria and evaluation criteria.

Every day, we receive many offers to become partners with trading platforms, or they pay us to write “good” introduction articles about them. However, we never do that. We only introduce truly reputable brokers for traders to consider, and they have the right to decide which trading platform suits them.

Forex trading platforms

When trading on the Forex market, traders must know how to proficiently use Forex trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, or Tradingview. These are tools that help traders analyze charts, predict price trends, and place effective buy/sell orders.

Understanding that, has built a section to guide the most popular Forex trading platforms today. From introducing outstanding features, guiding how to download to using each platform in detail, so that traders can get acquainted and use them when trading.

Forex knowledge

The “Forex Knowledge” section is a compilation of knowledge that traders must know if they want to succeed in the Forex market. From basic knowledge, Forex terminology to get acquainted with the market, to advanced Forex trading knowledge, in-depth technical analysis knowledge, or effective Forex investment experience.

In addition, we will share bone-deep experiences, how to manage psychology, order management, capital management to minimize risks and increase profits.

These Forex knowledge have been rigorously tested and have a high level of accuracy, shared by experts who have many years of practical experience in the Forex market.

Our mission

The mission of Soria For Congress is to provide accurate Forex knowledge and bring practical value to traders. We want to be a trusted partner of traders on the Forex market.

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